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    About ComeFuse

    "Fuse" - unite or blend into a whole, with the real-time non-virtual social networking. Find and contact people that are interested in performing an activity of your interest; from across available interests within the app - such as Basketball, Tennis, Hangout, Wine-n-Dine, See Places, Play Cards/Chess, etc., to name a few!
    Filter people that are geographically nearby located, by age, gender and distance. Communicate instantly with like-minded people via the application built-in chat and go social!

    Why ComeFuse?

    People are often found spending their leisure time on social-networking websites. But this social-networking largely remains virtual – they do not go and meet individuals in person. People might like to do some activity of their interest, such as playing some sports together or working together on an assignment, say, at a public library, etc.
    ComeFuse helps find people who share a common interest.


    ComeFuse is completely free - available on App Store and Google Play.